Embarkons Launches Social Network for Innovation Entrepreneurs

. July 15, 2009 . 0 Comments

Social network firm, Embarkons, Inc., today announced the launch of Embarkons, a social utility for ideas, projects and innovation ventures.

“We created the Embarkons social network to allow entrepreneurs to connect ideas with people so that new ventures can be created with the speed and efficiency that social networks allow,” says Embarkons, Inc., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Cornwell. “We call this ‘project-ing,’ or working on a project and socializing it online. These tools have been available for fun — and now with Embarkons people can take their ideas and make them into ventures using the same concepts. Embarkons is about connecting people through ideas. Embarkons is a new way for small business innovation to go from idea to venture with the power of social networking.”

A user starts by posting their idea. They are then able to invite people to join the idea or project. Collaborators can contribute to the discussion of the project. The more activity the project generates, the more momentum the project earns. Once a project has generated interest, it can be entered into Embarkons Marketplace where people can sell, buy or partner their ventures. Marketplace users can also create challenges where they can state a need for a service or a product and entrepreneurs can respond with their venture.

Through Corporate Challenges, organizations and brands may leverage the Embarkons social network to engage with their markets through pay-per-use project challenges.

Most of these social network features are available without charge to anyone who visits Embarkons. The Innovation Marketplace, which allows users to communicate privately with interested parties and to respond to Marketplace Challenges, costs $15 per month.

Embarkons will also offer a fee-based, enterprise-only version of its service for private, secure information exchange and collaboration within an organization to provide the benefits of social networking to small business innovation.

For more information: http://www.embarkons.com/

About Embarkons

Embarkons is a social network to discuss, share and build ideas. Developed, owned and operated by Embarkons, Inc., a privately-held social networking company headquartered in Silicon Valley, the Embarkons platform was officially launched July 15, 2009.


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