DeviceAnywhere Testing Platform Utilized By Facebook

. July 14, 2009 . 0 Comments

DeviceAnywhere™, the industry leader in end-to-end mobile application testing and development, today announced that Facebook® is using DeviceAnywhere Test Center™, a SaaS platform, to improve mobile testing efficiency and ensure a quality experience for its global user base in 50 countries. DeviceAnywhere’s solution provides Facebook with the ability to test their mobile applications using real devices, allowing them to recreate a true-to-life testing environment and develop consumer-friendly products for their international user-base without high costs and complex geographical logistics.

With over 200 million active users and more than 30 million mobile users, Facebook is one of the most heavily-trafficked sites on the internet. The DeviceAnywhere Test Center platform allows Facebook developers access to the industry’s widest range of devices and the broadest global reach to more than 30 carriers worldwide. These two criteria allowed Facebook developers to solve critical problems associated with their mobile messaging features. Facebook has supported SMS notifications since 2006, and through its work with DeviceAnywhere, now has the ability to cater to their entire mobile user-base regardless of their device or location.

DeviceAnywhere has continued to support Facebook’s mobile development by providing access to a range of devices, both commercial and pre-commercial, giving Facebook the opportunity to offer products like Facebook Mobile to the entire mobile community.

“Although many companies offer mobile sites or applications for their consumers on-the-go, Facebook is taking it a step further by developing multiple applications that are customized to a user’s device. Not only does this require testing on an enormous amount of handsets, but also on carriers and networks on a global scale,” said Faraz Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of DeviceAnywhere. “DeviceAnywhere’s SaaS solution solves the problem of fragmentation by providing live testing on real devices in all possible groupings of device brands, networks, and software platforms. This powerful, comprehensive testing environment enables companies like Facebook to create a flawless user experience and extend the boundaries of business and consumer mobilization.”


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