Cc:Betty Adds Real-time Twitter Collaboration

. July 9, 2009 . 0 Comments

Cc:Betty, ( the company that organizes your group communications, today announced integration of Twitter. Users of the service can tweet in and out of a collaboration mailspace, as well as see each other’s latest tweets.

“Our goal is to organize your communications,” said Michael Cerda, CEO and co-founder of Cc:Betty. “We’ve already started doing this with email, and this now marks our first foray into crossing into other modes, namely the real-time mode of Twitter.”

Cc:Betty, launched at DEMO ’09, is a free, personal virtual “assistant” who makes email better, saving people time and offering a more engaging and efficient solution to group communications. By adding to any email, users automatically create a mailspace, establishing a collaboration hub that automatically routes, parses, and organizes email conversations into a simple at-a-glance view.

The Cc:Betty mailspace serves as a clean, organized and dynamic “home” for everything shared in any email discussion. It illustrates email conversations in a single view and automatically:

Interprets addresses into interactive maps
Pulls multimedia files (pictures, video and audio) from messages and organizes them in their appropriate category
Displays photo attachments in a gallery
Queues video and audio file attachments in the appropriate video or audio player
Takes note of written dates and times and allows downloading to a calendar

About Cc:Betty
Cc:Betty, the company that makes email smarter, offers a personal email assistant to everyone worldwide. Cc:Betty is available to anyone by simply copying betty (at) Cc:Betty was founded in 2008 by Michael Cerda and Ben Dean. Cc:Betty is available at, with Tweets at ccbetty.


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