Commuto Releases – First of its Kind Social Commerce Widget

. June 29, 2009 . 1 Comment

Commuto has officially released their new community bartering widget, targeting social networking, gaming and blog type websites, based on the ever growing social bartering site.

“We’re very excited to release our Community Widget, a first of its kind, which allows users to take their bartering communities and place them on their sites. Now users can create or join hobby specific communities like book clubs or more obscure ones like plant trading and place it on other sites.

Members of MySpace, Ning and other social networks will be able to place their bartering communities on their personal pages for all their friends to see. So even non-members of Commuto will know what they have to trade and what they want,” says Stephen Arbib, Founder of Commuto.

The widget will show users the location of the community, its members, the items available for trade and the items users want. In order to download the widget users will need to visit the specific community page and click on the “Grab Community Widget Code” link.

Since its launch Commuto has released a Facebook application that provides nearly all the functionality of Commuto within Facebook, and their Barter Buddy Widget that helps users find others in their communities with similar interests based on what they own, want, and like. Through Barter Buddy, users are able to build local specific communities with ease and find users in their cities who fit exactly who they want in their communities.

Commuto is an online social bartering network where members can swap in person with others members in their cities, schools, workplaces or any other communities they create or join. For more information please visit


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