Distribution of Short Serial PR Messages to Social Networks

. June 14, 2009 . 0 Comments

Octoinfo announced; they will implement P R Quick Press as a tool to inform with a marked impression.P R Quick Press contents will be supplied by individual Companies, fueled by permission email and distributed to a large audience on Social Networks and other Business Platforms.
“PR Quick Press was designed and developed to capture a person’s immediate attention, expand that information and maintain interest of product or service.” said Charles J. Quattrocchi, Jr. Owner of Octoinfo. P R Quick Press is projected to distribute three times a day, three days a Week, four consecutive weeks which will provide a sustained concentration.
P R Quick Press offers daily distribution; an assortment of topics such as charts, graphs, maps, product or service descriptions.
“P R Quick Press, a simple innovative easy way to gather and maintain new clients. A new approach“ Said J.W. McNeal, President, Mc Neal Properties.
Octoinfo, is a five year old promotion firm that markets permission email distribution, rotating banners, voice broadcasting, and exit traffic systems.


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