Sumèr Launches New Website and Reinvents How Companies Connect to Customers Through Web Copywriting and Marketing

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Veteran web copywriting company Michelle Salater Writing & Editorial, LLC, has relaunched with a new name, new website, and several new services. Now called Sumèr, LLC, the Charleston-based company specializes in web copywriting, SEO copywriting, and the marketing and promotion of websites after ch.

Marketing a business online differs greatly from marketing offline. For many business owners, necessary online marketing techniques such as optimization for the web and social media marketing sound like a foreign language.

“Over fifty percent of websites disappear within three years of launching,” says S?mèr president, Michelle Salater. “Even with hard work, a good idea, and well-written copy, sites often fail to connect to their target audience. In order for businesses to survive online, many need help connecting to their customers from someone who understands the ways of the web.”

Sumèr, LLC, helps clients around the country who are passionate about their brand message, dedicated to great results, and willing to make the investment required to fulfill their goals. With a focus on keeping websites current and search-engine friendly, S?mèr offers four services geared toward generating exposure and maintaining a robust online presence. These innovative services include Web Copywriting, Rank Your Site, Life after Launch, and Optimized Press Releases.

“Our name is inspired by the Sumerian civilization,” says Salater. “Their innovation inspired us to approach websites and online marketing possibilities in a more comprehensive way. From SEO web copy to the promotion of websites after launch, we are reinventing how companies communicate and connect to their target audience by providing a clear message and sharing that unique message with the world.”

Sumèr’s website describes the services offered in detail and features an ezine, S?mèr’s Secrets. In each issue, readers discover how to market their businesses and drive traffic to their websites without spending a fortune, while expanding their customer base and accelerating profits. Subscribers learn about marketing tools such as ezines and email marketing and receive special promotions on services and upcoming events such as teleseminars and workshops.

According to Salater, “Sumèr’s philosophy revolves around the power of personal connection, with the hope that capitalism across the globe can be healed through conscious entrepreneurship in small businesses and large corporations. Anything is possible—and great things can happen if everyone learns to communicate effectively.”

About Sumèr, LLC:
Sumèr, LLC, is a unique web marketing company located in Charleston, South Carolina, specializing in web copywriting, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch. Approaching websites and online marketing possibilities in a more comprehensive way, Sumèr’s mission is to continuously help clients craft a simplified message that clearly conveys their vision and objectives.


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