Online Retailer Stays In Touch With Customers Through Twitter

. June 7, 2009 . 0 Comments

In a world where people barely have time to gesture a friendly wave to a neighbor or stand in line long enough for fast food, micro-blogging Twitter has found an effective and increasingly acceptable place within todays micro-managing society. is accommodationg busy customers with lightning fast updates and announcements.
“While email delivers relevant information to customers such as feature articles, tips, updates and pricing, it does not measure up to the real time value of Twitter”, explains Mark Pappas, Co-owner of Internet based retailer, Green Nation Gardens. Twitter is a real time blogging platform where members can follow one another, reading short entries from each member. Of course, the idea is to let each other know what you are doing.

Green Nation Gardens recognizes the advantages of sending out frequent updates to customers and fellow Twitter followers including up to the minute price changes, new product listings and select articles featured on the E-commerce site. Pappas goes on to say, “Twitter is the perfect communication machine and this is the perfect time to change the way we stay in contact with a busy and fast paced society.” You can follow Green Nation Gardens at

Mark Pappas, is Co-owner of Green Nation Gardens, a leading Internet retailer of Green Living Products for Home and Garden. You can visit Green Nation Gardens at


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