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The phenomenon surrounding the inspiring novel, GIV—THE STORY OF A DOG AND AMERICA continues with an innovative joint marketing venture between the book’s publisher, HighTop Publishing, and Yana Berlin, founder of

This enormously popular interactive site for women 40 and over “and the men who want to understand them,” features advise on beauty, family, health, lifestyles, and, most recently, books. In an unprecedented move after reading the novel by the enigmatic and award-winning author, Boston Teran, and Ms. Berlin decided that this expansive novel about a noble animal wandering through post 9/11 America was a must-read for all of her audience. Therefore, she placed a link on virtually every page of her site to offer the book for sale to her readers. “Since women buy books at a 70:30 ratio over men, it stands to reason that the “Fabulously40” site would be ideal for selling this book. Further, it would be like having an Oprah’s Book Club selection featured not just for one day but for a significant length of time. This is not like an author creating a web site to sell a book; rather, is a major social networking site devoting its efforts to promoting a single book.” says Berlin.

A review of Giv on the site by literary critic, Sis Howell, says of the book:

“A most unique, beautifully written and enriching book, it is to literature what the great murals are to painting and art. For that is what Giv is—an American mural. Murals have sweep and theme. They are a vision of life. A testament to ideas. This is Giv.”

Boston Teran is the author of four previous novels. He has been nominated and won numerous awards including the John Creasy Award, International IMPAC Award, Book of the Year in France, Book of the Year in Japan, and Reader s Digest Best First Novel of the Year. Two of his novels are being developed into major motion pictures. God is a Bullet, Teran’s first novel, is currently being adapted for film by writer/producer Ehren Kruger (Reindeer Games, Blood and Chocolate, The Ring). His fifth novel, The Creed of Violence, which is to be published by in the fall of 2009, was bought by Universal Studios for the second highest price ever paid for an unpublished manuscript. Giv—The Story of a Dog and America is his sixth novel.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Ms. Berlin, High Top Publishing, or possibly the reclusive Boston Teran, contact: Jocelyn Kelley:


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