PR 2.0: Six Changes in Public Relations that Will Change Everything

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Firecracker PR, a virtual PR firm offering creative public relations services at affordable rates, today released a new free report outlining some of the biggest changes in the field. The report titled “PR 2.0: Six Changes in Public Relations that Will Change Everything” is full of valuable information sure to be of use for those struggling to keep up with the recent pace of change.

The report includes the following:

— the seismic shifts going on in traditional media
— what new avenues are emerging and who the major players are
— why you can’t ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your PR
efforts any longer
— the biggest mistake that newcomers (and even veterans) of PR make, and
how that can backfire in a huge way
— the one most important thing you need to do right now for your PR and
— what is “virtual PR” and how can it reduce your PR budget by up to

“As the pace of change in media accelerates, it’s only natural that to be successful in public relations will require a new way of thinking,” says Edward Yang, partner at Firecracker PR. “While traditional agencies are still stuck in the old ways of doing things while billing at rates that the market no longer finds acceptable, new PR agencies like Firecracker are finding ways to deliver better value by adapting to these changes.”

In recent years, traditional media outlets including newspapers with decades of history have been forced to shut down due to twin pressures from a migration of information to the Internet and the recession. Simultaneously, upstart companies have given rise to new avenues for people to both access and provide information, once the exclusive domain of a handful of media companies.

To download the free report, please visit

About Firecracker PR
Firecracker PR, located in Los Angeles CA, is a virtual public relations agency which provides companies with creative PR services at rates up to 50% less than traditional agencies. Firecracker leverages the latest changes in technology to secure media coverage for its clients. Visit


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