AIS Media’s Partner Program Shows Strong Growth

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AIS Media announces that its eBSP® partner program saw strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2008 and is forecasting even greater growth in 2009. As more professionals are facing the reality of unemployment, many are establishing consultancies in their area of expertise by partnering with AIS Media. The AIS Media Partner program is the leading program of its type in the world. The foundation of AIS Media’s partner program is eBSP® certification. A federally registered trademark, the “eBSP” seal serves as a symbol of trust, helps enhance partner credibility, and provides customers a service quality guarantee. As the unemployment rate continues to rise globally, more displaced professionals are seeking to establish their own businesses and turning to AIS Media and its Partner program. AIS Media offers four Partner levels and has certified partners across the globe.

“The global recession is hitting every sector of the economy and creating unemployment levels that we have not seen in over four decades,” said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS Media. “The savvy professional is proactive and seeking new outlets for their entrepreneurial spirit that is fueling the tremendous growth that we are seeing with our Partner program. Our new Partners come from different disciplines and parts of the world but share similarities in their determination to succeed and unleash their creative and professional spirit.”

“As the economy continues to worsen, I expect further growth with our Partner program,” said Harpointner. “During the turmoil on Wall Street, we saw many professionals in the financial services sector seek out the Partner program as it is compatible with the drive and energy they demonstrated daily in their former careers. This trend has continued in other professional services that are being stung by the recession. Indeed, our new Partners are creating their own economic stimulus with the energy and new business they are producing.”

One of the main attractions to the AIS Partner program is the eBSP® certification that is internationally awarded and recognized. eBSP® certification grants Partners the licensing rights to AIS Media’s trademarks and resell rights to AIS Media’s full range of Internet services and solutions along with year-round support from AIS Media Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Founded in 1997, AIS Media is an Internet marketing and web services company that provides businesses award-winning web site development, email marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, and search engine marketing solutions. The company has developed a suite of Web-based applications under the proprietary “Excerpo” brand, which focuses on email marketing and e-commerce. AIS Media’s solutions are available directly and through its global network of certified partners. For more information, visit:


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