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. December 17, 2008 . 0 Comments

Chris Mather, director and founder of the comprehensive Internet venue, cmather.com, announced today the enhancement of an innovative classified advertising service. “Our company recognizes that in this day and age an ever increasing number of people from all walks of life and from all over the world are in need of online advertising space and services, including classified advertising. We wanted to develop a creative and dynamic venue through which people can post classified advertisements … for no charge or for a very low cost,” Mather explained. There are no back end buy or sell fees or other surprise costs that are found at many other so-called free or reduced cost classified ad sites.

Beyond providing classified advertising space and services at no charge, cmather.com has also made it profoundly easy to place an ad. First of all, under the streamlined system at the site, a person or business wishing to place a classified advert does not have to register. Moreover, the ad itself can be placed within a matter of seconds. If desired, an ad placed through the site can come complete with a photo at no additional cost. Free ads remain up and posted for thirty days.

“We provide extremely effective options to people or businesses that place ads with our site. For example, a classified ad can be localized to a very specific community or geographic area,” Mather remarked. Ads can be placed by country, state or city. “Of course, understanding that the Internet opens up a world wide marketplace, a targeted advertisement is viewable all over the world,” Mather added.

In addition to more typical classified ads designed to buy or sell, the site also allows for the placement of event notifications — an ideal feature for promoting entertainment, meetings, presentations and gatherings of different types.

Other features of the free classified program at cmather.com include premier linking of an ad to popular community and search engine marketing sites. All URLs associated with the site are search engine friendly, which draws significant traffic to the site each and every day.

“We also understand that some individuals and businesses need something more extensive when it comes to their classified advertising needs. As a result, our site now offers both an extended and a featured ad program at reduced prices,” Mather said. Extended ads run for 365 on the network. Moreover, more traffic share is included in regard to extended and featured advertisements.

Whether the need is for a free, extended or featured ad, the site allows a person or business requiring an advertisement to select a placement from over 300 classified categories. Finally, the site provides around the clock customer and technical support, seven days a week and 365 days a year. “Our customers are our number one priority at cmather.com,” Mather said.

About CMather.com Services
CMather.com offers web hosting, design services, domain names, search engine, advertising and ecommerce applications to over 20,000 users daily. For more information, contact Chris Mather 1300 628 437 or visit the link below.

CMather Internet Home: http://www.cmather.com/
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