UK Online Lead Generation Ad Spend Set To Rocket In 2009

. September 25, 2008

The proportion of online advertising budgets that are devoted to online lead generation are set to rise exponentially across Europe in 2009, according to Goallover, the creator of Europe’s premier lead generation management and validation platform, as advertising budgets from traditional media channels are re-deployed.

With reports indicating 71%* global growth in the sector throughout 2008 and identifying lead generation as the hottest new online advertising trend in the US over the last twelve months, the growth looks set to translate to the European market in 2009, where previously it had been held back by heightened sensitivity to the EU and national data protection laws.

UK advertisers will spend an estimated £3.4 billion** online in 2008, a rise of 27% on the previous year, according to a recent report from eMarketer (March 2008). The report predicts a continued rise in online advertising spend, with double digit growth resulting in the industry’s expansion to £4.3 billion in 2010 and in excess of £5 billion by 2012.

A key contributor to this rapid increase is the online lead generation (OLG) sector, which is currently estimated to be worth over $1 billion* globally per annum as a result of the current year-on-year growth. Central to that growth is the advance of pioneering technologies, such as Goallover’s Lolagrove platform, a patent pending optimisation technology which indemnifies publishers and advertisers with a 100% online data protection guarantee, as an independent lead validation and management solution for lead processing – solving legal issues and allowing advertisers and publishers to meet on the “lead generation playing field” in a compliant manner.

Robin Caller, Managing Director of Goallover said: “With advertisers rightly demanding both increased value from online advertising and tangible returns on investment irrespective of the current global economic downturn, numerous factors are potentially responsible for the sharp global adoption of online lead generation. Compared to other online advertising disciplines, lead generation stands out by providing increased control and the ability to quantify the source, cost and value of a lead, helping to achieve higher data quality and rates of conversion.”

Although online lead generation is an emerging sector in the UK and European markets, a survey carried out by E-Consultancy in 2007 reported that 82% of online marketers forecast OLG as a strong growth area.

Indeed, the health of the online lead generation sector is supported by the latest report from the European Interactive Advertising Association (September 2008) that 82% of advertisers who have seen an increase in their online spend admitted it is coming directly from the likes of print media (40%), TV (39%) and increasingly DM (32%) budgets. Across the board, 73% of respondents in the EIAA survey stated that they are increasing their use of online as an advertising medium whilst cutting back across more traditional advertising channels such as TV (31%) and Newspapers (40%).

Goallover’s “LolaGrove” solution represents the next generation of OLG technologies – a self learning validation engine that incorporates numerous levels of qualification filtering, including forensic level analysis of the congruous nature of leads in a brand safe environment.

Robin Caller continued: “In the UK, the online market represents about 15% of the overall advertising market and is showing consistent growth in an otherwise depressed advertising market. Press, TV, Radio, Cinema and Direct Mail are all experiencing falling revenues but the online market – and particularly the lead generation sector – are in fine health”

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