Affiliate Network Improves Yields by 20%

. July 7, 2008

KANSAS CITY, MO – Adknowledge announced today that, the industry leading cost-per-click affiliate network has increased affiliate payouts by twenty percent in the second quarter. The increase in yield resulted from a combination of corporate strategies including: creative optimization, targeting and competition by advertisers within its auction marketplace.
“We have spent a great deal of time this quarter optimizing every part of our system,” said Mike Fitzgerald, General Manager of “Since all our creatives are developed in-house and exclusive to our network, one of our biggest gains in performance was the optimization of these creatives. Our behavioral targeting was also further tweaked this quarter and allowed us to increase the quality and quantity of clicks that we were able to receive on behalf of our affiliates.”
“Our advertisers have responded extremely favorably to the increased level of traffic available from our affiliates,” said Rick Ramos, Vice President of Marketing for Adknowledge. “This has led to an increase in competition at, our online marketplace where advertisers can bid on traffic on a cost-per-click basis, allowing us to increase the payouts our affiliates are receiving.”
About Adknowledge
Adknowledge is a single destination for advertisers looking for quality clicks beyond Google® and Yahoo®. Adknowledge operates, a multi-channel behavioral targeting ad network in which advertisers seamlessly bid for traffic in display, email and smaller search engines. Over 50,000 advertisers have used the Adknowledge BidSystem. For more information about Adknowledge, please visit them at Affiliates looking to display ads within their websites or email list should visit AdStation at To drive traffic to your website from Adknowledge’s advertiser marketplace, please visit


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