Bigmouthmedia seeks clarification of Google/Yahoo advertising pact

. June 16, 2008

Announced in the US, the deal between the world’s two biggest search engines will see Google Ads begin appearing on Yahoo’s search engine results and other pages from September 2008. The move – which analysts say could boost Yahoo’s revenues by up to $800 million – has been delayed for three months to enable a period of voluntary regulatory review, but both parties insist the deal breaches no monopoly rules and are confident that it will proceed as planned.

The announcement has already seen an explosion of speculation, with many commentators tipping the agreement to roll out globally if the initial implementation in North America works well. In the digital marketing sector the emphasis is on hard facts however, and a question mark still hangs over what impact the deal is likely to have on clients’ online campaigns.

“No details are yet available on the specifics of the service, but a critical issue will be whether clients will be able to see which of the two search engines is driving the traffic in our AdWords reports. The ability to identify the origin of such traffic is crucial, and we are already in discussions with Google that we hope will produce an answer to this question at the earliest opportunity,” said Lyndsay Menzies, Managing Director of bigmouthmedia UK.

“Given that our New York office will be working with the new hybrid system long before it reaches our UK and European competitors we will be in a position to make an early assessment of the deal’s implications, but urgent clarification of how the service will function would benefit the industry as a whole.”


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