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. June 4, 2008

Internet Marketing Services Company Cybertegic opens up a page of the most commonly used tools in internet marketing. This internet marketing tools page showcases different tools on how any online business owner should go about in making a web store rise above the competition.

Rowland Heights, CA ( — In order to thrive in any business, one must size up the competition. In learning and evaluating the other’s strengths and weaknesses, any business will be able to develop the right competitive strategy to fare against the competition. The same holds true for online businesses, wherein different internet marketing tools are used to study rival websites.

Cybertegic, an Internet Marketing Services Company known to be a pioneering leader in internet marketing, has already attained exceptional results and achievements in bringing web businesses to the forefront of major search engines. It is no doubt that their secret lies in expertly using all internet marketing tools to understand the competitors and formulate a winning internet marketing strategy against them.

With a team of MBA-seasoned internet marketing experts, Cybertegic proudly unveils its compilation of the best and most commonly used internet marketing tools to the public. These include competition analysis tools, business market forecasting tools, and website analysis and improvement tools. This Internet Marketing Services Company even shares its knowledge on how to use these important internet marketing tools.

“The reason why we are offering these internet marketing tools to the public is because we want to share the knowledge and expertise that we have gained through the years to online business owners who have taken the first step in wanting to bring their web stores to the top,” says James Hsieh, CEO and Founder of Cybertegic.

As Cybertegic is an Internet Marketing Services Company who has the passion to generate results for all its clients, it is no wonder that the company is now considered as one of the best when it comes to internet marketing services and most importantly, search engine optimization services.

Cybertegic’s Take on Using the Internet Marketing Tool Alexa:
Alexa is a free internet marketing tool that offers a wealth of opportunities. It offers a quick insight on a competitor’s website. Any online business owner could immediately gauge the strength of the competition using Alexa. A quick download of the Alexa toolbar could bring useful information that could aid in the formulation of a perfect competitive internet marketing strategy.
• Traffic Details lets a business owner compare traffic ranking and history.
• Top Sites could be of great help in knowing the latest trends
• Related Links shows a listing of sites a visitor has visited. This could give web business owners an idea on which sites to advertise on.
• Sites Linking In gives a detailed information on the sites linking to one’s own website
• Overview includes all general information like the site speed, contact information and reviews of a certain website.

While the internet marketing tool Alexa only collects information from those who have installed the toolbar, Cybertegic believes that any information gathered about the competition is beneficial for a web business owner to fare against the competition. The right combination and knowledge of using the different internet marketing tools can bring any web business to the top.


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