New Site Offers an Exciting, New Way to Make Contacts both Locally and Internationally

. May 6, 2008

Global Business Pages is an exciting, new directory that connects businesses both locally and internationally. Global Business Pages is a new online Business Directory that serves as a single portal for information on local, national and international buyers and sellers. Global Business Pages is like a modern internet- based Yellow Pages which provides detailed information on the business, its products, services and contact information.

For the first time, small, grassroots, sole proprietorships and family-owned businesses can be listed alongside the world’s largest corporations with an equal opportunity to access new global markets. Global Business Pages gives personal attention to their subscribers that can be especially helpful to those inexperienced in business operations.

Global Business Pages is a directory designed to make businesses stand out. It provides a variety of tools and services to their subscribers, including access to production of catalogues, video ads, pod casts and website development. Their affordable service acts as a one-stop for global networking and marketing needs. Listings start for as low as $12.

About the company:
Global Business Pages mission is to provide quality customer care and attention to their clients. No matter the size of the business, Global Business Pages treats all their clients as a priority and with the highest respect. The inspiration for Global Business Pages was to bring global marketing to the most impoverished nations and level the playing field of big business.



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