Drijo Is The Ebay Of Car Pooling And Powered By Google Maps Api

. April 26, 2008

In a visually very attractive way the Internet platform offers a simple method to overlay and compare routes of drivers and potential passengers. ‘Using an auction-based method similar to other popular auction sites should’, according to the CEO Walter, ‘animate more drivers to offer rides, especially on highly demanded routes.’

DriJo with its auction-based ride-sharing model assures that:
supply and demand of routes based on the starting and arrival address are overlaid and compared automatically and shown on maps or satellite pictures,
based on the GOOGLE Maps(TM) database practically all addresses, even remote ones in the country-side, can be found – similarly to navigation devices,
the cost of ride sharing between driver and passenger is determined by supply and demand via an auction,
a registration of all users gives additional security,
feedback after travelling by both driver and passenger increases the trustworthiness of both of them.

‘Our matching also allows to compare longer routes with shorter requests’, according to the CTO Peter, ‘and the driver can even define an optional pick-up&drop-off zone along the route to be more attractive to potential passengers.’

Paid ride-sharing is popular in both the US and Europe. In the primary countries in Europe and US/Canada it is estimated to be well over 50.000/day.
On a general basis the market of ride sharing agencies is presently badly distributed between many small ad-based institutions. As a consequence it is very difficult to find regional and long-distance trips in one agency. Additionally these companies generate their own databases which in practically all cases do not include addresses or smaller towns.


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