Click fraud: A serious threat to the internet economy

. April 24, 2008 (, a leading pay per click company has dedicate a 70% of its resources for developing a unique Anti-Fraud sophisticated system that eliminates click-fraud and maximizes advertiser s performance. “…Click fraud is a serious trend to our industry, Click-fraud criminals are using rolling-IP attacks from multiple countries. We in, are focused on Research & Development, for technologies that stop click fraud. Now we are extremely satisfied because our patented technology stops click fraud before it happens. And this is a unique advantage we offer to our advertisers” says Mr. Hough Matt, CEO and founder of, and continues “If our system detect click fraud, it automatically refunding advertiser and at the same time terminate the account of the member is conducting click fraud”

But how we can avoid click fraud? Really there is not much to do as an advertisers, but advertisers can monitor their overall site traffic on a daily basis and through a ROI tools that companies like are offering to measure the quality of clicks and the prospects and customer s conversions. is part of a global network, distributing ads to over 100,000 sites worldwide on a pay per click basis, growing rapidly daily. We pride ourselves on Quality and efficiency, in how we deliver and how we present advertisements. With our strict Policy of where Advertisements will be shown, we can guarantee that your Advertisements will be displayed where it matters and for maximum ROI


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