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. April 24, 2008

NEW YORK – Marketing and promoting an online business today is significantly more challenging than it was back in 1994 when Yahoo first started.

A large contributing factor is the sheer growth in the number of web sites launching every day jockeying for Internet real estate. This is especially evident over even the last 4 years.

Before 1999, marketing and promoting a website was easy. All you were really required to do was submit your website to Yahoo, DMOZ, and a few other large directories and search engines and presto, you have traffic. As long as you had a decent looking website and responded to customer service enquiries, you could earn repeat customers.

Today however is more difficult and you have to be more creative than applying the basics. Adding your company to Yahoo Directory may help marginally in the terms of ranking with search engines, but that is pretty much where the buck stops. If you are considering listing with DMOZ, expect to wait upwards of a year or more. And sending email requests to sites that are relative to your industry and requesting back links? Forget it! With the amount of spam flying around the Internet, you will be lucky to receive a 2% response rate.

Times have definitely changed. The dynamics on the Internet have changed and Web 2.0 is here. This means from a marketing perspective you must become engaged in blogs, rss & press release distribution to announce your business and build customer trust. Start a blog through blogger.com, create RSS feeds for your website content. The best bang for your buck would be through a press release. An excellent press release resource is 24-7pressrelease.com. The site offers a $49 package that will give you instant exposure, tens of thousands of headline impressions, allow you to add images, and performs search engine optimization on your press release. For a new website, a press release is an essential part of your marketing starter kit.

A press release is an excellent tool for a number of reasons. The content becomes syndicated on the net much quicker. The viral benefit is one of the most important reasons in using 24-7PressRelease.com. For example, a $49 press release is published, archived and distributed to syndicated news channels that will publish your news online again and again. With 24-7PressRelease.com’s strong search engine presence, your story will be found on major search engines for thousands of readers interested in your product or service. For a minimal investment of a $49 press release, you can immediate jump start your marketing campaign.


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