The Future of Online advertising and ad networks

. April 19, 2008

The momentum in online advertising is indicative of the growing confidence of the advertisers and interactive agencies. There has been a substantial rise in the overall ad spend on the ad networks, which is the quintessential catalyst of increasingly creative online advertising and marketing. Rupinder Khurana, Co-Founder and Director, Rupiz Infotech Group, the online conglomerate confirms that a recent study by Collective Media revealed 75 per cent of the interactive agencies and advertisers planning to increase their overall ad spend on ad networks by 5% or more. He also mentioned that more than 25 % of agencies and advertisers were planning to spend 15 % or more on ad networks specifically.

Rupiz Infotech group shelters businesses of diverse industry verticals. Rupiz Ads is one of its ventures in the global digital marketing sphere. Distinguishing itself from the other me-too networks, Rupiz Ads provides a comprehensive and productive platform to global web businesses to seek perfect alliances. It develops innovative and result-oriented display ad campaigns. Some of the highlighting features of Rupiz Ads Network include:

Pay-on-Performance model
Excellent banner ad campaigns
Ad Inventory of 5 billion impressions per month
Ideal platform for global partnerships
Extensive advertiser and publisher base
Latest web software and technology platforms
Best CPM rates
Scalable tracking and reporting
Dedicated customer support

The network provides 360 degree advertising solutions through their display ads which come in various creative formats including skyscrapers, HTML-Banners, pop-up/under, flash-banner, text links, interstitials, streaming media, layer ads, standard banners, the list goes on. Rupinder Khurana further added that worldwide the ad network model would continue to evolve under the basic principle of seeking more information on the audience base, having more control and transparency in their operational systems and listening to the clients. Rupiz Ads has also evolved on the same principle.

In short, what the foreword trend suggests is symbolic of the bulging force of online advertising and ad networks. It would mean nothing less than a golden harvest period for Rupiz Ads, expanding manifolds and adding value to their clients, globally.

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Rupiz Ads is an Internet advertising agency specializing in banner advertising and online advertisement. It has an efficient banner ad network and provides advanced banner advertising services.


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