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. April 15, 2008

SAN RAMON, Calif. – announces the launch of the world’s most liquid lead marketplace, offering the highest level of control and putting the power back in the hands of online lead buyers and sellers.

While anyone can click on a website, whether or not they are interested in the products or services offered, a single click offers extremely limited potential. Clicks don’t walk into your store or call you on the phone.

A lead, on the other hand, represents an interested party that wants to be contacted by a service provider. For online marketers, this has always been the promise of the Internet. believes that it is time for businesses of all sizes to Go Beyond The Click™ and only pay for measurable results. has created a unique platform that delivers the world’s most efficient and liquid marketplace for buying and selling leads—at a cost that represents the true market value of each lead.

“We, at, are leading the evolution of the web from CPM (cost-per-thousand) to CPC (cost-per-click) to CPL (cost-per-lead),” states Chairman and CEO Payam Zamani. “We have made the process of buying and selling leads as easy and empowering as buying clicks from Yahoo and Google.”

With traditional online lead generation companies, the lead advertiser (buyer) cannot effectively control and match quality, volume, and price to meet their desired ROI. The lead seller (publisher) is often left with unmonetized or under-monetized inventory.

With, businesses of any size can access the online consumer without significant investment in infrastructure or personnel—all while maintaining ultimate control.’s auction format for pricing and distributing leads provides a stunningly efficient platform that unleashes the potential of performance-based marketing. was founded in 2001 by a veteran team of Internet entrepreneurs as an online lead generation and performance-based marketing company. In 1994, CEO Payam Zamani co-founded the first online car buying service,, and in 1999 helped take that company public. Autoweb became the first service to price its traffic on a per-lead basis, as opposed to per-click or per impression.’s six-year history as one of the leaders in the lead generation business has resulted in direct relationships with over 5,000 lead buyers, plus thousands more through enterprise-level partnerships with other networks and national brands. is a profitable, venture capital-backed company, and to-date has raised over $20 million in funding.

The promise of online marketing has been realized by Businesses will now be able to Go Beyond The Click™ and only pay for measurable results.

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