– Keeping Up the Momentum

. February 22, 2008

The free classifieds website,, has been able to keep up the momentum of breaking into the classified ads arena.

Now, they are focusing on fine tuning the website. The biggest change comes in the form of a better user interface. The post ad page is compact and loads more quickly thanks to better scripting and data retrieval from the FreeAdLists database. The post free ads page sections, ad location, ad description, personal information, and security and confirmation, have been rearranged to be more logical, especially for the first time poster. Finally, the new page arrangement significantly reduces the amount of time a user needs to scroll down the web page in order to complete the post ad form. All of these features, as well as roll-over help buttons, make posting an ad to this free ads website quite simple!

In keeping with information security and avoiding spam, poster email addresses are automatically hidden from others who read the ads, specifically spammers and spambots. This helps posters avoid the pitfall of having their email addresses harvested for illegitimate purposes. This option to hide the email addresses can be deselected by free classified ads posters but is not recommended. For more information on how to avoid spam, please read 12 Ubiquitous Tips to Reduce Spam.

If you’d like more information about the services provided by, please send an email to press “at” or visit the website:


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