Tbd Advertising Wins Graphis Gold Award For Logo Work

. January 14, 2008 . 0 Comments

Tbd, a full-service advertising agency, today announced that it has won the Graphis Gold Award for its contribution to the Graphis Logo Design 7. Graphis produces this logo showcase publication once every four or five years, and the tbd-designed Odell Brewing Company logo was selected from an international pool of approximately 1,000 entries.

“With a product like Odell, we knew the logo would play an integral role in shaping how the consumer viewed the brand,” said Paul Evers, president and creative director of tbd. “While we measure our accomplishment based on how well Odell is performing in the marketplace—and it’s doing well—it is also very rewarding to be recognized by a prestigious organization like Graphis for our work.”

The winning logo was part of tbd’s strategy to better communicate the superior quality of Odell’s hand-crafted beer with innovative packaging and support materials. With the introduction of the new packaging, sales of Odell’s products have seen significant increases.

The solutions featured in the Graphis Advertising Annual represent the top 10% in the print ad industry. 2008 marks the first year that Graphis further recognized outstanding entries like tbd’s with a formal awards program. tbd was also featured in the 2006 Advertising Annual for its Oregon Chai print ads, in the 2007 Design Annual for its work on the Deschutes River Conservancy brochure and in the 2008 Advertising Annual for a campaign developed for the IronHorse community in Prineville.

This most recent recognition joins many other awards that tbd has garnered in the last few months including three awards at the 2007 National ADDYs competition, one of which was a Special Judge’s Award. tbd has also been recognized locally with several Drake Awards, regionally with 18 Northwest ADDYs and Print Magazine and internationally through the HOW International Design Competition and Graphis publications.

About tbd
Advertising agency tbd doesn’t set much store in preconceived notions. In this firm, “to be determined” means just that—they constantly question the status quo and provide a passionate, unbounded approach to each project. tbd’s advertising campaigns address issues with a twist that captures the essence of their clients’ messages while providing quantitative, bottom-line results such as increased sales.

The firm’s thought-provoking advertising and marketing pieces have won several awards, including recognition in Cannes International Advertising Festival, Communication Arts Design Annual, National ADDY® Awards, HOW International Design Competition and Graphis publications. Communicating key messages in an imaginative way, through traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, is what tbd does best. This full-service advertising agency has been getting its clients the attention they want for the last 10 years. For more information please call 541-388-7558 or visit www.tbdagency.com.

About Graphis
Since1944, Graphis has been a beacon for outstanding work in the visual arts. Graphis has upheld its reputation as the premier publication covering graphic communications worldwide and has been revered for its artistic presentation, impeccable design, and exemplary production qualities. Global in scope, Graphis is a compelling record of the most significant and influential communication work being produced today. In visually driven articles, Graphis beautifully presents the best work produced internationally in graphic design, advertising, illustration, and photography.


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