Web 2.0 Click-to-Call Company Poised to Capture Growth in Pay-for-Performance Advertising

. December 15, 2007 . 0 Comments

Vitacall LLC (http://www.vitacall.com ), a Boulder, Colorado based Web 2.0 telephony company has just introduced cutting edge Click-to-Call services to its suite of products. Click-to-Call services allow companies to place links on their websites or banner ads, enabling customers to immediately call and be connected to their businesses. Data from these calls can then be analyzed to provide a more robust understanding of their customers including how a customer found the company, how long they communicated on the call, and even personal data about the customer.

A recent Forrester research study has shown a significant growth in the Click-to-Call industry over the last three years, and it’s easy to understand why. The study found higher conversion rate of Click-to-Call users over non-users, and a 143% return on investment of advertising dollars. Research also indicated that Click-to-Call customers were better informed than toll free callers, and asked more detailed questions.
“We feel that Vitacall’s Click-to-Call service will rapidly replace 800 numbers online due to their affordability and the additional customer information they provide.” said Vitacall’s CEO, Tim Rohde. “By offering the most competitive Click-to Call rates in the industry and the sophistication needed for back-end integration and analytics, we can address the needs of small businesses and enterprises alike. We’re particularly excited about the potential this has for pay-for-performance marketers. Now they can include phone calls in their mix of pay-per-click campaign services.”

Click-to-Call services are expected to grow rapidly in the near future, as familiarity with the technology grows. “It’s rare to find a cutting edge technology that can be implemented with so little cost – it should be a
“no brainer” for most service oriented businesses” said Fred Portner, CFO of Envision Equity Partners. “Anytime I can pay less money per customer contact and retrieve more information about those contact sessions, I’m going to jump at the opportunity. And my developers looked at the standards-based interface and actually smiled at me.”


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